Let me tell you about history

Man that’s his story

Cuz our story is a mystery

Like here you go with that shit, Courtney

The black man is rich, bitch

Ain’t no piss poor me

The descendants of slaves and chain gangs came with campaigns

To finally bring flames to King James’ name

See, the story’s written to glorify the narrator

Like missionaries and navigators

But I would go with indigenous infiltrator


Conquering castrator

Ship em overseas and get cash later

You ain’t gotta pay em for labor

Hang their father from the tree and then say I’m they savior

Knowin they gotta reap what they sow and so, they stay strapped

Anticipating the big pay back

Fearing, we return to who we are

Boy, would they hate that

So nip it in the bud if it say black

The caveman theory don’t apply to me

I am the founder of –ology

My despair can’t be repaired with apologies

Brought the Renaissance to societies

Civilized the savage

They saw who was superior and couldn’t handle it

Whose soil is the richest on the planet and still is?

A colony’s economy is steal shit

Organ dealers will steal kids

Blame it on guerilla armies

And turn and sell their kidneys

This is some ill shit


They devised to divide a nigga

The origin of my name was the highest bidder

Nigga ain’t shit sweet in Aunt Jemima kitchen

Apply electric shock theory to economic systems

Check it

Now listen


Who you think let the cocaine in

What hood do you find the dope game in

Go on, let them niggas play

But make sure they can’t win

Nino Brown and Scarface em, then incarcerate their kin

Now, Dr. Martin Luther, I love you

But I believe integration diluted the struggle

If anything, it threw us off beat

We was really onto somethin

With black Wall Street

Even after they dropped the bomb on us

It’s hard to mourn 9/11 with a con artist

Type of shit just be on my mind homie

Feel like we runnin out of time, don’t it

And I’ve been tryin to get Obama on the line, call me

Make a nigga wanna unlock and load

Our feet blistered

Cuz niggas been walkin rocky roads

I plagiarize the scrolls on the pyramids

I rob the rich and take my people on a pilgrimage

Upon return, lead the children out the wildnerness

And make them bitches reconsider what a nigga is