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Get The F@ck


Does actions speak louder than words

Do that relaxer burn as much as that perm

Love, I like you with your real hair

I like the way it feel here

We should walk and talk

Want you to learn me learn me

I’m on fire for you

You feel it burnin burnin

Enough about my lover side

Now let’s talk about my other side

I love my pops but I’m closer to my mother’s side

And I don’t really fuck with Duncan Hines

I’d rather eat a fruit, to tell the truth

Solitarily confined inside this booth

I find it very deep lying inside of you

The solidarity I find amongst the youth

They don’t give a fuck at all man

Lookin at yall like yall really dropped the ball man

Yall been lyin to em since Santa Claus

And Christopher Columbus man, them youngins really mad at yall


Don’t give a fuck, they let they pants sag

Like fuck a fade, they let they hair drag

Pop a seal, pop a pill, pop ya pussy

His little potna got the kill

He’s feeling kushy

They where they at cuz that’s exactly where you put em

They all standing close to the edge

Now go on push em

Go on push em

Yall pussy


Yeah Yeah


And I’m the founder of fine rap

I don’t spit crack

This shit remind you of cognac

And if you don’t smoke

You could get high off the contact

And it ain’t rape if you agreed to what you signed in the contract

You see, you gotta be accountable

I shepherd sheep man, I count the bulls

So you see that we can’t beef

And don’t ask me what I’m bringin to the table

I am the table

Whatchu bringin to me?





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