Yeah I seen you flexin

I seen you be a beast

Now let me see you be a blessing

I seen you raise hell

Now let me hear you speak of heaven

Yeah I heard you preach, now let me see you walk them steps then

Spread rumors for years, see how it feel to spread a message

Throw out the first pitch, see how many people catch it

I know you know better, then why we keep repeatin lessons

We been here before, now why you keep your people stressin


We know how this story ends

We know how this story goes

Remember you the author

So if that ain’t how you want it told

You gotta take ownership, it’s gon be a motherload

Remember you a soldier tho and you’d done been through war before

You was trained for this kind of pain

Been through more for less again

The pupil must be ready for his lesson

The professor came

Remember coal niggas turn to diamonds under pressure mayne

So shine like it’s meant for you to shine through whatever mayne