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What’s happnin witcha lil one

Listen up

Listen up

Lemme holler atcha lil one



Yeah Yeah

Lemme holler atcha lil one


I see you tryina come hang

Do work and I pop you off some change

Do good and I’ll pop you off some game

Don’t run your mouth so much

A real big dog, he don’t bark

Hold your chin high when you walk

You speak loud and clear when you talk

Cuz that’s how you give off confidence

Shake my hand with a solid grip

And if you can’t

Look me in my eye when you talk

Then you prolly ain’t about shit

And if I’ma fuck witcha

Then I gotta have some respect for ya

It’s a lot that I’m gonna expect from ya

Especially when it come to the next subject

Like self control

You see, you can’t skeet in everything movin

Yes she got a big booty

But you gotta strap up if you do it

Cuz the last thing you wanna be outchere

Is a baby daddy with no paper daddy

Cuz she gon hit you with child support

And that’s a court date just wavin at ya

That’s why you gotta be yourself

And don’t be fittin in with no click

Yeah that might look fly today

But they ain’t hittin on shit

Might gotta walk alone

You just do what you sposed to do

Before you know it

It’ll be forward motion

And you’ll be amongst the chosen few

Now I’m talkin bout breadwinners

mountain movers

leaders of the black power movement

Control the schools and control the streets

And full control over our music

If that ain’t worth your hallelujahs

Man, more power to ya

Just make sure you holla the next time you ride through here




My grandmother told me that her great grandfather

Used to pray for freedom

And never got it

Until he started prayin with his legs

Then she told me that

If ya

Trust in God, but still tie up your horse

And if you turn your cheek, then you’ll die on the cross

Now what she gonna lie to me for

I am my ancestors’ wildest dream in they hearts

They envision my transition

Born leader so my people, I stand with them

I execute every strategy ever planned with them

Chin raised to the air, stay aware of my posture

So surrendering, retreating not an option

By any means, freedom is our doctrine

So if it’s freedom or death then keep it cocked then


Unload, reload, can’t keep me boxed in

Eat shit sleep, calisthenics and ammunition

I command respect off of sheer mannerism

Born in it, not sworn it, come on with it

Can’t walk half-hearted, gotta be all in it

Ten toes in the mud, out of love

Be suffocated by fear or covered in blood

Dyin on the front lines, tell my son who I was

A man dyin tryina be free



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