The Game


Howl like the wolf of the night

Walkin thru muddy waters

Embarking on a quest for freedom for my sons and daughters

This a one-sided game that they runnin awkward

The eagle holds the olive branch, but it’s never offered

Cuz white lies get told by the dark-hearted

Politic the short side of the stick to the Carhartted

He stole to eat, you call him thief, I call him hungry

It ain’t no malice in his heart, cuz that’s all he wanted

In fact that’s all he needed

Now shoot the fair one and call it even

Rig the stakes and you’ll be callin Jesus

His voicemail is off the meter

So it’ll be awhile ‘fore he can reach ya, get the picture

Now get on gone or get ya issue, I’m convicted as the true and livin

Make sure my mission ain’t conflictin with the true religion

My dialogue don’t fit in to what you used to listenin

I take the truth and slide it inside a euphemism

It’s the least I can do for niggas


They ain’t never seen a nigga on a nag, two guns up

Not givin two fucks who runs up

Sheeit nigga, fuck who fun’s up


Ain’t no days like that

Live by it, die by it, why try it

I already get the milk for free so why buy it

If the truth gon set you free, then why hide it

My words gon heal these streets, I’m God body

I rather be like Fred Hampton than John Gotti

Phips’ll put an end to these squares like round got it

But those who really got it ain’t get it from nonviolence

My nine is gonna ride with me

Will they let a nigga live?

Man I’m dyin to see

I never wanted to dream cuz niggas die in their sleep

I’m a shepherd in the desert, can’t cry for the sheep

Never meant to be a leader, they keep followin me

And I can’t leave em cuz this man was like a father to me

The tables turn in this game


James Baldwin Speaks


[James Baldwin excerpt]