Tis of Thee


Man all these years yall been blamin it on the black man

Fuck it

Now Ima blame it on you

Whoever ride witcha, Ima blame it on them too

You aimin at me? Well Ima aim my gun at you

They say that two wrongs don’t make a right, man

The world been brought to its knees from the greed of the white man

Spread death and disease

Made servants of kings

Turned our daddies to dealers

And our mothers to fiends

So if my empire strike back

How would you like that

Thought I was gonna tap dance for you, ha

Oh now you want your mic back

Your daughter want me to dick her down

Yeah I thought you wouldn’t like that

Burn a cross on granddaddy lawn

Shoulda known I wouldn’t like that

You sold me as livestock then killed me in cold blood

Pledge allegiance with my hand on my heart, but it’s no love

Fuck if his hands tied behind his back, fill em with more slugs

Left us on the bridge for five days ‘fore you showed up

But I guess I should get over it while you bitches get over rich

The way my bank account set up Uncle Sam I don’t owe you shit

Cuz this is too real, switch it up a lil

They gon ignore you Phips

Now if I say the things that be on they mind when they go through shit

You speak it from the script in hopes that they promote you quick

Now some lil nigga wanna be just like you


Doin a four to six

This fake lifestyle that we sellin, somebody’s buyin

And everything a nigga say on these records, somebody tryin

Every day a mama walk out her house, her son is dyin

Land of the free, home of the brave, somebody lyin


My country, tis of thee

Bloodshed, tattoo tears for thee

Cross my heart and hope God pour out beers for me

I’m tryina see if my country isn’t or is for me